Time to recharge!

31 May 2024

Efficient charge air pipes (often called intercooler pipes or turbo pipes) are crucial to the proper functioning of the supercharging system in turbocharged cars. Here are some reasons why they are so important: Maintaining boost pressure:Charge air pipes transport compressed air from the turbocharger...
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Everything you should know about brake pads for electric cars

21 May 2024

Electric cars, due to their peculiar design and greater weight caused by the presence of massive batteries, pose entirely new challenges for braking systems. Comparing them to traditional internal combustion vehicles, the differences in requirements and operation are significant. In this guide, we explain...
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Let us lift you up! – New in the offer – window regulator

17 May 2024

New to our range – advanced window lifters! We are delighted to introduce the latest group in our range – window lifters that will take the comfort and safety of your car to a whole new level! Easy to install and easy to use...
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DENCKERMANN is a manufacturer and distributor of high quality auto parts. We cooperate with many well-known customers from all over the world.


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DENCKERMANN is a manufacturer and a distributor of high-quality automotive parts. Our many years of experience both domestically and internationally, makes us a reliable partner.

For more than 10 years we cooperate with many well-known customers from all over the world.  Europe’s logistic centre is located in Warsaw. Our mission is to offer high quality products and services in order to ensure long-term trade cooperation.

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