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DENCKERMANN is a manufacturer and distributor of high quality car parts. We cooperate with numerous well-known buyers from all over the world. Our European logistic center, with company headquarter, is located in Warsaw and it has 12 000 m2/over 22 000 pallet space. The wide product range includes filters (air, fuel, oil, cabin, automatic transmission filters), water pumps, braking system components (pads, discs, shoes, drums and sensors), bearings and wheel hubs, shock absorbers, top mountings, pulleys, CV joints as well as suspension and steering system components: control arms, ball joints, silentblocks, stabiliser links tie rods and tie rod ends, wiper blades, coil springs and more. Check our offer here.

We can ensure a comprehensive automotive product offer.

  • over 20000 references and over 17 product lines
  • a regular expansion of the product range
  • highest quality guaranteed with international certificates
  • an extended distribution network in Poland and across Europe.

Denckermann places great emphasis on development the range of products and building the brand awareness. Therefore, maintaining the best possible relations with our business partners, on the Polish market and overseas, is of utmost priority. Our operations are founded on proven professionalism, experience and achievement on the domestic and international markets. Our customers are provided with support in broad marketing operations and frequent training sessions aimed at improving the buyers’ knowledge about the brand and its product range.

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